LMC 8.3 APK Download For All Android Phones (Updated 2024)

If you are looking for an advanced manual camera app then you are at the right post. Here we will describe about newly launched LMC 8.3 camera app. This advanced camera app offers a wide selection of features and modes to enhance your camera quality that is not available in your default camera app.

The main purpose of LMC 8.3 is to make the modern smartphone camera capable enough to capture professional-looking images. This app is beneficial if you’re a photographer, or videographer, or like to take capture memorable moments on your phone. This camera app allows users to take clear and more detailed photos leading to a better photography experience on Android devices running Android 9.0 or newer.


About LMC 8.3

LMC 8.3 is a modified camera application developed by Hasli, a well-known mod developer in the realm of Android. It draws its inspiration from Google Camera 8.3, a stable version of GCam. What sets LMC 8.3 apart is its compatibility with a wide range of Android devices, unlike Google’s Pixel-exclusive Camera App. Users with non-Pixel Android phones can now enjoy the same features and functionalities previously limited to Pixel devices.

One notable aspect of LMC 8.3 is its user interface, which bears a resemblance to Google’s Pixel Camera App. However, it introduces some changes in the placement of modes and settings, providing a unique experience while maintaining familiarity for those accustomed to Pixel devices.

Unlike most stock camera apps, the manual capability of LMC 8.3 allows users to adjust various aspects of the camera hardware. However, if you want to properly utilize all its features then you must have a phone that comes with Camera2 API enabled. With this camera app, you can customize the shutter speed, aperture, ISO level, White Balance and many more.

Features of LMC 8.3

LMC 8.3, developed by Hasli, offers a suite of impressive features that enhance the photography experience on Android devices:

No Crashing

There are many camera apps in the market that crash unexpectedly which means when you are taking pictures and changing modes the app closes automatically or stops working. But when you use LMC 8.3 it remains reliable, does not interfere with your photo taking, and allows users to focus on capturing their moments without worrying about technical issues.

Top Shot Mode

Top Shot is a feature in which the camera takes several pictures within one second and chooses the best one for you each time. You can catch that perfect moment you always wanted without worrying about losing it, even if it’s just for a second. For example fast-moving subjects such as sports events, or group photos where everyone needs to be smiling and looking their best.

Video Stabilization

The camera app has several features, one of which is video recording which allows users to record videos that reduce shakiness and blur and make them smoother with less distortion in the background. When they stabilize their video shots, users get more polished and cool clips, making them more meaningful for viewers to watch.


To use the Astrophotography mode, make sure your phone is placed on a stable surface and is pointed toward the night sky after selecting this mode. Next press the shutter button then wait 1-2 minutes to take wonderful pictures of the night sky view. Astrophotography mode typically combines different methods of long exposure photography to capture clear images of the night sky that are also high quality.

Noise Reduction

LMC 8.3 utilizes noise reduction algorithms to minimize unwanted graininess or fuzziness in photos, resulting in clean and sharper images, especially in low-light environments.

Stable Experience

Many users are facing crashing issues with the Gcam Mods. The camera app often crashes and does not open which ruins user experience. However, this issue is almost fixed in the latest version of LMC 8.3 which provides better stability and reliability.

LMC 8.3

Download LMC 8.3 APK Latest Version (2024)

App NameLMC 8.3
VersionV8.3 R1
Size82 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 9.0 or higher
Update1 Day Ago

How to Download & Install LMC 8.3 Camera App on Any Android Phones?

If you want to upgrade the camera quality of your phone without spending money then follow the given steps to download and install LMC 8.3 on your phone.

  • See All Versions: Press the download button to see all versions of this camera app.
  • Download LMC 8.3 APK file: Pick the one you want and tap to get the LMC 8.3 APK file.
  • Enable Unknown Source: Go to your phone settings, find “Security,” and turn on unknown sources.
  • Locate APK file: Use the file manager app to locate the APK file.
  • Install LMC 8.3: Click on the LMC 8.3 APK file and install it on your phone.
  • Allow All Permissions: Then, open the app and allow all permissions for it to work correctly.

Comparison Between LMC 8.4 and LMC 8.3

LMC 8.4 and LMC 8.3 are two versions of the camera app, each offering unique features and modes. Let’s compare them:

FactorsLMC 8.4LMC 8.3
User InterfaceThe user interface is updated for better navigation and accessibility.The UI may be slightly different, possibly with different placements of modes and settings.
Feature SetIt has new features or modes compared to LMC 8.3, which will allow users to capture and film more types of photos.This version may lack some features present in LMC 8.4 but still provides a variety of functionality.
Stability and PerformanceIt may come with better stability and performance optimizations, that will make it work more smoother and thus it ensures a better user experience.Even though it is stable, it may not come with many performance enhancements and bug fixes like LMC 8.4.
CompatibilityIt could be compatible with a wider range of devices and Android versions, including the latest hardware and software releases.This version may have compatibility limitations compared to LMC 8.4, especially with newer devices and Android versions.
Developer SupportIt might receive regular updates and ongoing support from the developer, addressing user feedback and introducing new features over time.While still supported, it may not receive as frequent updates or new feature additions as LMC 8.4.

Both LMC 8.3 and LMC 8.4 can take stunning photos and videos, but which one to use depends on what a particular person likes, device compatibility, and What each version offers in terms of features and modes.


LMC 8.3 enhances mobile photography by giving users a robust image-capturing tool. The application was developed by the famous Gcam modder Hasli and is based on the stable Google Camera 8.3. It has a friendly user interface and other improvements that make it unique from other versions. This means that when using this camera app, photographers can take photos that are sharper than ever before and thus improve their art. LMC 8.3 is a must-have app for those who use their phones for images and photos who want to capture beautiful photos with their Android devices. Professional photographers as well as ordinary users should love this app.

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